Roaster's Choice

Hello to our esteemed Roaster's Choice member! 
Our beloved Mexican coffee has returned just in time for summer! The profile we chose for roasting resulted in a coffee that is light and complex enough for our black coffee drinkers yet bold enough to stand up to a bit of added dairy or non-dairy. For those wanting to know a bit more, here's the full rundown: 
  • Your coffee is from MEXICO
  • Your coffee is a MEDIUM ROAST
  • The coffee bag is 12 ounces
    PROCESS  Washed
    REGION Chiapas, Mexico
    ALTITUDE 1200-1600m
    VARIETIES Bourbon, Caturra, Mundo Novo


    We taste notes of dark chocolate, lime, cranberry, and nuts—but that’s just what WE taste. We encourage you to brew your coffee the way you like it and draw your own conclusions.

    Our coffee is a regional blend from various small farmers in the Chiapas region and milled at Finca Monte Azul. Chiapas is the southernmost coffee growing region in Mexico with an ideal climate and altitude for mild and sweet coffees.

    Here's a video we found produced by Finca Monte Azul!