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BlendBlend Medium Roast

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A coffee so nice you have to say it twice! 

BLENDBLEND is exactly as it sounds -- a blend! This our first crack (roasting joke) at blending two coffees together and we're already patting ourselves on the back because we think it's that good. 

The story of BLENDBLEND is a tale of two coffees that were both grown and harvested in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua. The major difference between the coffees is how they were processed--i.e. how the coffee seed was removed from the coffee cherry. One of the coffees is "washed processed" while the other is "natural processed". Many paragraphs can be written regarding the ins and outs of processing but in short, naturally processed coffees tend to reflect the character of the coffee cherry while washed processed coffees reflect the flavor of the coffee seed. 

If you would like to get into the weeds of coffee processing and learn more about it, click here

Here is a little more info about each coffee provided by our importing partners at Gold Mountain Coffee. 



We hope you enjoy drinking our latest creation as much as we enjoyed roasting it! 

<3 Ashley, Brian, and Jackie

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Why do you guys sell out of coffee so fast?                                         
We are a very small business, our production capacity is limited and our intentions are to never release coffee and have it sell out in one day. We dream to expand our production capacity as soon as we can.
Why I haven't received my coffee yet?                                                            
Coffee will always be shipped once the order has been fulfilled. We roast to order. If you opted in for overnight, your order will be overnighted once it's been fulfilled.
Do you plan on selling Others Coffee in stores? 
Totally! When it happens we will overly communicate when and where Others Coffee will be sold.