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Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe, Medium Roast

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Coloring Box

You've probably heard of a coloring book before, sure, but this, this my friend, is a coloring box. This is your opportunity to sit down with your inner child and take a few minutes out of your day to relax, enjoy some coffee, and color your little heart out. No coloring utensils? No problem! You can add a pack of the finest colored pencils to your order.

What about the coffee? This particular coffee is a medium roast single-origin, fair-trade, organic Ethiopian from the Yirgacheffe region. We would include our tasting notes as is custom but we would really like you to go into trying the coffee without any preconceived notions about its flavor. We've even included a space on the box to write your own tasting notes :) 

Return policy



Why do you guys sell out of coffee so fast?                                         
We are a very small business, our production capacity is limited and our intentions are to never release coffee and have it sell out in one day. We dream to expand our production capacity as soon as we can.
Why I haven't received my coffee yet?                                                            
Coffee will always be shipped once the order has been fulfilled. We roast to order. If you opted in for overnight, your order will be overnighted once it's been fulfilled.
Do you plan on selling Others Coffee in stores? 
Totally! When it happens we will overly communicate when and where Others Coffee will be sold.