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Big Sipper

Big Sipper

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1 12oz bag of our magnificent Sul de Minas, Medium Roast + 1 13oz glass Magic Mug

This is the perfect set for someone who is new to Others Coffee. Try one of our most approachable coffees in a beautiful glass mug. Here are all the lovely details about both products: 


Our second GLASS mug is yours to have and to hold! This 13 ounce beauty was made to show off whatever it is you're drinking at home. Subtle when empty, our "magic" mug springs to life when it's filled with coffee, the darker the better. Though sturdy, we recommend a gentle handwashing. This mug is microwave safe.


This particular roast is mild, medium bodied with chocolatey, nutty, and citrus fruit notes. If you plan on using this coffee for a cold brew or iced pour over we recommend frothing a bit of oat milk and  maple syrup together and pouring it overtop of your drink -- delicious! 

PROCESS  Natural
REGION Sul de Minas, Brazil
VARIETIES Mundo Novo, Catuai, Icatu, Bourbon

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