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Tolima, Colombia | Medium Roast

Tolima, Colombia | Medium Roast

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You did it! You came to this page and now you're here! And now that you are here, lets learn some more about your coffee: 

  • Your coffee is from TOLIMA, COLOMBIA
  • Your coffee is a MEDIUM ROAST
  • Your coffee is 12 OUNCES
    PROCESS  Washed
    REGION Tolima, Colombia
    ALTITUDE 1400-2100m
    VARIETIES Caturra, Castillo, Typica, Colombia


    We taste notes of milk chocolate, peach, and mango—but that’s just what WE taste. We encourage you to brew your coffee the way you like it and draw your own conclusions.

    Our coffee was farmed by Cafe del Macizo, a small group of farmers based in the municipality of Planadas in the state of Tolima. The group is comprised of 59 lifetime farmers who share their vast knowledge of growing specialty coffee. 

    Members of Café del Macizo use Fairtrade Organic practices to produce certified coffees and improve their livelihoods. In total, there are more than 300 hectares producing coffee with a production potential of 750,000 kilograms annually. Members also have access to a community economic fund that supports partner farmers during difficult times.

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