About Us


Who are you!?

Others Coffee is a DC-based specialty coffee roasting company comprised of Ashley May and Brian Raupp. Out of work during the pandemic, the two coffee loving baristas decided to act on something they had only dreamed of. Though their end goal is opening a brick-and-mortar café, Ashley and Brian decided it was safest to start as an e-commerce company and grow from there. Thus, with a small tabletop roaster, a single-origin from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia and a really cool box, Others Coffee officially launched on National Coffee Day (9/29) 2020. 

At the core of Others Coffee is May and Raupp's love and appreciation of art in all its forms. As musicians and graphic designers/illustrators themselves, the couple's eye for the aesthetic is evident in everything they produce. Working as a team, they create everything in-house--from the roast profiles of their coffees to the packaging that holds them to the mugs their customers sip from. 

The name "Others" exists as an acknowledgement of the interconnectivity inherent to specialty coffee. How the mere act of buying a cup of coffee inextricably links us to other people all over the world. As the company grows they aim to turn the focus away from themselves and help tell the stories of all the "others" involved in bringing us our favorite beverage, coffee.

Since their founding, the company has added one new employee -- a baby boy named Jackie who was born in April of 2021. Now a family roasting company, Others has begun to make a name for itself through their periodic pop-ups around the DMV and their collaborations with businesses such as UPS, citizenM Hotels, and Call Your Mother Deli. Moving forward, Others will be busy growing their subscription service, hosting more events, doing more pop-ups and creating more content to further educate their customers on the wonderful world of specialty coffee.