About Your Coffee

Hello and welcome to our coffee information page! Please scroll to learn more about the coffees that we're currently offering :) 

Our latest offering is light, bright, and ready to take your morning (or afternoon) to a new height! Arriving just in time for spring, this sweet, floral, and fruity coffee from the Limmu Kossa Estate embodies everything we love about Ethiopian coffee.

Family-owned since is founding in 2000, Limmu Kossa utilizes a complex system of agroforestry to maintain biodiversity while lessening the impact that climate change may have on their crops. In addition to employing over 700 people at the height of its harvest, the Estate has also helped to build several school rooms for their community. 

REGION Jimma Zone, Oromia Region
VARIETIES Ethiopia Heirloom
NOTES  Sweet, brown sugar, black tea, citrus fruit


The Limmu Kossa is also the first edition to our new labeling system. "Light Work" was chosen for our light roast coffees for it's ability to make heavy workloads a little less heavy. The coffee won't do your work for you but it will make it easier. 

Another new edition to our 2024 coffee lineup is a lovely medium roast from Brazil. One thing we appreciate about this particular Brazilian coffee is its ability to perform in many different circumstances. Like to drink your coffee black? -- Delicious. Like a bit of oat milk? -- Slaps. Pulling shots of espresso? -- Boom sha-ka-latte. 

Parceiros do Cafe, or "Coffee Partners" in English, brings in coffee from four different farms spanning the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Apostolo Simao, Mato Cipo, Fazenda Furnas, and Boa Vista all contributed lots from their farms to create a reliably complex and clean cup. 

REGION Minas Gerais
NOTES  Sweet, brown sugar, black tea, citrus fruit

Parceiros do Cafe is the first coffee to fall under our "Get Right" labelling system. "Get Right" refers to medium roasted coffees that help us get ourselves together. Whether its the morning kickstart or afternoon reset, Get Right is here to assist. 

REGION Ngoma Sector, Nyaruguru District, Rwanda

Complex yet easy sweetness with a soft mouth feel.

Slight nuttiness with a hint of cinnamon. 

 Our latest coffee is exceedingly special as it marks a new level of traceability for our offerings at Others. To achieve this we worked with Sundog Trading -- a specialty coffee importer who works exclusively with Emmanuel Rusatira, owner of Baho Coffee in Rwanda. As a result of the amazing relationship Sundog has developed with Baho, we now have access to a wealth of information regarding the cultivation of your coffee. 

To start, "Fugi" gets its name from the washing station at which it was processed. Located in the Southern Province of Rwanda, Fugi is nestled between the Nyungwe National Forest and the border of Burundi. The producer group (farmers) responsible for this coffee is made up of farmers who've been growing coffee their entire lives. Many of the contributing farmers are elderly, cultivating coffee for over 40 years. In fact, the producer group was given the name "Warakoze Musaza" which roughly translates to "thank you old man" in Kinyarwanda, as a sign of respect and homage for the age and experience of its members. 

If you think that was a lot, just know that we summarized as much as we could to make it more digestible. We sincerely hope you enjoy the unique profile of this coffee as we hope to expand our relationship with Sundog and Baho over the coming years. 

STATION Asociacion de Apicultores y Caficultores de Union Cantinil (AAPICUC)
REGION Buenos Aires, Huehuetenango
ALTITUDE 1300 - 2000 MASL
NOTES  Mellow acidity with hints of chocolate and cherry

The Asociacion de Apicultores y Caficultores de Union Cantinil (AAPICUC) helps producers cultivate organic coffee in an sustainable, environmentally-friendly manner. Members of the AAPICUC are also beekeepers as keeping bees in and around the areas where coffee is growing increases yields by up to 25 percent! Guatemala is becoming increasingly revered as a producer of some of the most nuanced and flavorful cups in the world. 

    PROCESS  Natural
    REGION Sul de Minas, Brazil
    ALTITUDE 950-1,100 MASL
    VARIETIES Mundo Novo, Catuai, Icatu, Bourbon
    We've been loving Brazilian coffees this year as they've become our go-to for cold brew and filter coffee. This particular roast is mild medium bodied with chocolatey, nutty, and citrus fruit notes. If you plan on using this coffee for a cold brew or iced pour over we recommend frothing a bit of oat milk and  maple syrup together and pouring it overtop of your drink -- delicious!