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Roaster's Choice Monthly Coffee Subscription

Roaster's Choice Monthly Coffee Subscription

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Hello and welcome to our new and improved coffee subscription program! 

For $10/month (+shipping and tax) you get: 

  • 1 12oz bag of our latest and greatest roast! 
  • Free samples of unreleased coffees when available 
  • Our everlasting love and affection

Here's a little about our current offering:

    PROCESS  Natural
    REGION Sul de Minas, Brazil
    ALTITUDE 950-1100 MASL
    VARIETIES Mundo Novo, Catuai, Icatu, Bourbon
    ROAST LEVEL Medium
    Mild acidity, Chocolatey, Smooth, Clean finish



    • The coffee you subscribe to is limited in quantity and subject to change.
      • For various reasons we cannot offer the same coffee year-round.
      • This subscription is meant for people who are into trying new coffees and having new experiences from time to time.
      • We hope that through our subscription program you will learn to trust our roasting and curation process.
    • Orders are shipped within 7 business days of your initial order. 
      • As of right now we roast every Tuesday, giving priority to fulfilling our subscription orders. If you order on a Wednesday and we have not roasted any extra for the week, your order will be roasted the following Tuesday

    Thank you for helping us grow!

    <3 Ashley and Brian

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