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Whoa! Welcome to our new About Your Coffee section. Instead of including all the fun details about the coffee inside the box that is currently in your possession, we've opted to put them here, on the interwebs. 


First, some QUICK FACTS: 

  • Your coffee is from PERU
  • Your coffee is a LIGHT ROAST
    • We recommend drinking it black or with minimal cream and/or sugar
  • Your coffee was grown by Adelmo Ramirez Guevara
    PROCESS  Washed, Organic, Grade 1
    REGION Flor de Selva Village, Cajamarca
    ALTITUDE 1850M
    VARITIES Caturra and Pache


    Spring. Seventeen-year cicadas sing from the treetops as the last drop of coffee finds its way through the filter and into the pot. The porch is warm, the first sip is floral as the daffodils blooming with their yellow, gold flair just feet away. A smooth, lingering sweetness follows -- some type of berry. Blueberry? Perhaps. Strawberry? Yes, strawberry, just like the one they plucked from their garden to test its ripeness. To think, a coffee seed grown thousands of miles away could taste so much like their own backyard. Incredible. 


    Adelmo Ramirez Guevara is 45 years old, he lives with his wife and his four sons, all of whom are students. Guevara has been cultivating coffee since 18 years old when he inherited five hectares (~12 acres) of land from his parents. With the help of CENFROCAFE, a community-based coop of coffee farmers,  Adelmo has been able to not only grow his production but also achieve an organic and Fairtrade certification for his products. 


    We are encouraging all of our customers to get creative and reuse their boxes. If you have a unique idea for reusing yours please send a photo to coffee.others (at) gmail.com or DM us on Instagram. We're going to be reposting any submissions as shinning examples of how our boxes can be repurposed. Have fun!